Behind the Scenes I

How does one make a dance or theater piece or film?

It is a multilayered process that for me personally has no real structure. Sure, you might say I have a structure inside chaos and there still is a structure that I use but at a certain point all the steps melt into one.

Me during my residency for HomoPol

For instance right now I’m working on my short film HomoPol. I finished my residency, already before that I was writing down ideas, watching documentaries, talking to friends and reading a lot on the topic. During my residency I streamlined all of this content, while producing even more content by interviewing people myself and making choreographies, based on the knowledge I had obtained. So every day I had more material.

I started filming certain things, rehearsing others, I was basically making a mock up version of the final result, throwing things out that didn’t feel right. Right now I’m at a point where I’m planning how to shoot different scenes, thinking about angles and cuts that make most sense with the contents.

Simultaneously I am working on two different projects for the future, preparing, writing grants, gathering information. And so this whole process is a never ending story of making a lot, streamlining the important and most appealing bits and then questioning these again until you have a polished result.

I thought it might be interesting to hear about my process and how I make my art. It’s just a short glimpse into my world and there is so much more to say about this, but this is it in short.


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