2 week residency

My residency at FREIRAUM Düsseldorf is done. It’s been a hell of a ride and I came into contact with so many openhearted people, it was incredible. All these experiences influenced how I was creating and preparing.

Different headpieces play a vital role in my short film

During the last 2 weeks I was constantly creating dance material, writing texts, listening to music, thinking about camera perspectives and listening to many, mostly sad, stories from the Polish LGBTQ+ community. It made me realize that I need to be more active in actually fighting for LGBTQ+ rights and making stories visible. I strongly believe that art can change how people think, it can open up a whole new world to the spectator and break down walls. So I guess this is the road I now must take.

I’ve been so fortunate in my life and this is the time to give something back. I can also announce that the short film will have music by Polish DJ and activist AVTOMAT. I still feel like I’m dreaming, dancing to his music has been a huge privilege to me and I can’t wait to film the dance scenes.

So how does it go on? My process so far melted most steps together, I was filming a lot, editing already, trying different color grades, recording texts, but next up I will film the 2 central dance scenes in the short film. I found a beautiful atelier in Wuppertal and I just can’t wait to start. But for now I have 3 more weeks of rethinking of what I actually did in my residency, talk to fellow artists about it and revise my ideas.


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