Actually I wanted to make a post about women’s rights today, to address international women’s day today. In these trying times it’s needed much more than ever. Women still don’t posses the same rights men do, they have to fight against discrimination on so many levels and their fight seems to be endless. It’s on those times where communities have to stand together against aggressors. We won’t be silenced and every voice needs to be heard. Your body is yours, how you look and feel, who you love, what you do in live, can’t determine what society sees in you. It’s not that we need more genders and more acceptance, we need to understand that the concept of gender is outdated and that we need to be loving and caring to each being on this earth.

We need to remove the concept of gender all together

Yes, sure, we need much more acceptance, and kindness, but we mostly need to see that we all are humans and however we look does not change the fact that our bones, guts, muscles and organs looks the same. We all feel and we need to fight the old white men together!

I’ve added a link to the official Instagram Account of Strajk Kobiet, give them some love and fight with them against all forms of discrimination!



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