Faith and Sexuality

How do you define your faith and sexuality with one another?

I personally left church over 10 years ago. I didn’t feel like the institution could give me what I need to actually believe in something. My faith doesn’t need an institution, full of old white men, who make me want to believe that I’m living a sinful life by just being myself. I don’t believe in a hateful god, if there is one.

I’d rather believe there is some kind of energy out there, something we might never understand. It doesn’t guide us, it doesn’t look down on us, it’s simply there. If there is one thing that I did learn from the Bible and all the stories that are told in there is that we must encounter other beings with love and compassion. Trying to understand the positions others are in, wether it is another human or an animal, and respecting their feelings and their way of life.

My personal conclusion is that we don’t need institutions that are poisoning people’s minds, intoxicating them with fear and hatred and forcing everyone to believe in exactly what they think is right.

Let’s all start practicing a faith in love and compassion, then maybe we could actually see how me make other beings suffer, or the planet altogether, and change our behavior, which does come at a prize, but I’m more than willing to pay it.

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