CLOWNS (2019)

Directors / Choreographers: Vlasova / Pawlica Stage / Costumes: Michaela Kirsche Premiere: 17.03.2019 Theater & Philharmonic Thuringia / Theater Altenburg with actors of Theater&Philharmonie Thüringen, Teatrul National Craiova Photo: Ronny Ristok for Theater&Philharmonie Thüringen Welcome to the manege, welcome to circus Europe!  Here history is written and stories are told. Come closer and immerse yourself […]

CABARET (2018)

Director: Lydia Bunk Choreography: Vlasova / Pawlica Musical Director: Olav Kröger Stage: Mathias Rümmler Costumes: Bianca Deigner Premiere: 28.09.2018 Theater & Philharmonic Thuringia / Theater Gera with members of the drama, orchestra and the Thuringian State Ballet Book by Joe Mastero After the play I Am a Camera by John van Druten and Tales by […]

READ TO ME (2018)

The inspiration for READ TO ME comes from a famous german novel. We open the chest and the head of the protagonist of the book, and let the audience take part in his world of thought. Immerse yourself in a slightly different world, where bathtubs are in streetcars and two people are in urgent need […]


The change of the seasons is a fundamental, collective, human life experience. Everywhere where there are seasons on earth, they affect our lives, our rhythm, our understanding as a human being. They shape and change our world of ideas, our faith and therefore play an important role in art and culture. In times of climate […]

LIEBE (2017)

This full length dance theater piece is about love, exploring the choreographic possibilities of a duet. It plays with a certain perception of a woman and a man dancing together. Are the friends? A couple? Have they just met or have they been together for a long time already? The piece covers many forms of […]

NA ZD(O)ROWJE (2016/2017)

Every good east european celebration includes decency, folklore and a lot of alcohol. But what happens, if you open the first button of your dress or loosen the ties? The evening gets longer, the guests funnier and unrestrained. The social borders dissolve in ecstasy. But is it allowed to dance on the memorial ceremony? Dancers: […]

ALICE (2016)

Many people, many dreams and wishes. If you dream too much you’re a day dreamer and if you don’t you’re described as dry and boring, without having a goal. In society everybody needs to know exactly where they want to be in life but doesn’t any realistic goal in life start off as a dream? […]


A commission for State Ballet Karlsruhe at Badisches Staatstheater. This is the first piece by Vlasova/Pawlica. It deals with our modern society. What is really important for us and how do we let money, media, economy or religion manipulate our everyday life? Dancers: Bruna Andrade, Barbara Blanche, Marketa Elblova, Xue Dong World premiere: 09.06.2012 Badisches […]

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